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Professional arborist specializing in tree removal, trimming, pruning and all other types of services relating to tree care including disease control and stump removal. We are local to Pittsburgh PA, Allegheny County and serve surrounding areas.

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Residential and Commercial Tree Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Tree ServiceTrees are one of the most important features in any garden and form the foundation of beautiful landscapes that are treasured by homeowners in downtown Pittsburgh, urban and suburban sectors of the local metro area. Sometimes though, tress can get out of control and grow so big that they become unmanageable and sometimes dangerous. This is when you need a tree service in Pittsburgh to safely, professionally and carefully remove a tree that cannot be done in normal circumstances.

Diseases can also play a big part in why a tree must be taken down with care that is why you need to get in touch with Pittsburgh Tree Service Pros who are qualified and insured to help you cut down any trees or remove and dangerous overhanging branches that are too close to the neighbors. Don’t take the risk by hiring cheap amateurs on Craigslist, choose qualified and professional Pittsburgh based arborists that are local to you!

If you are worried about tackling a troublesome tree yourself then call our certified trained arborist today on (412) 397-8844 for a fast and competitive quote on all your tree removal in Pittsburgh requirements. Alternatively, for your convenience you can use our web form and request a quote and our team will get back to you so you can get peace of mind with your branch, tree and stump problem in down town and greater Pittsburgh today.

Are you in the Pitt area and are searching for “tree services near me?” – we are proud to serve the residents of the following areas and districts of Pittsburgh: Downtown Pittsburgh, greater Pittsburgh, North Hills, South Hills, Airport area, Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon, Mt. Oliver, Oakmont, Fox Chapel, Sewickley, Whitehall, Butler, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Hampton, Seven Fields and much more!

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Cost of Tree Removal in Pittsburgh with Prices

Every job is different and there are several factors to take into account when quoting for tree removal in Pittsburgh. Prices can depend on the following factors: the size height and weight of the tree. Old trees tend to have deeper roots and thicker trunks and the locality of the target tree can also affect price. Our trained arborists are experts in their field but if the tree is in a hard to get to location then they might need to use specialized equipment in order to safely remove the tree from your garden, back yard or business location.

Secondly, if the tree has underlying diseases or partly fallen over due to storm or high winds then this would also determining how much the cost would be.

We can however give you a rough idea of costs for the taking down of trees in your area:

  • 25 feet and under: $130 to $500+ (approx)
  • 25 feet to 80 feet: $180 to $1250+ (approx)
  • 80 feet and over: $430 – $1,650+ (approx)
Please remember to ask us for a quote as these prices are approx only and should only be used a rough estimate.
The best and most accurate information you can give us, the better we can quote for you!
Each job is unique so when you get in touch please ask about what’s included in the prices, for example we may have to clear up a lot of additional left over material such cut down branches, sawdust and wood clippings. Do you need us to haul all of this away off your ground?

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Our comprehensive tree care service includes:
Tree removal, trimming and pruning of over hanging branches, tree care and disease assessment and control along with stump grinding and emergency 24 hour call out for fallen trees that require immediate removal.

Remember, we are a 365 day total tree take down service, so if your tree has come down in a storm then contact us to day for a quote and high quality service from trained arborists in Pittsburgh, PA. Call us on (412) 397-8844 today.

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