Pittsburgh Stump Grinding & Removal Service

Removing a tree stump is probably the last thing you do when you are land clearing. For homeowners, a large tree that is too big to handle can become a real worry so give us a call and see if we can help by removing that stump or have it professionally grinding down so it’s out of harm’s way.

By using specialized equipment, our team of trained arborists who have years of experience in stump removal in the Pittsburgh area can safely assess and grind down a tree and haul any leftover debris from the customer’s site.

5 Reasons why a decomposing tree stump should be ground out and taken care of:

  • Attracts unwanted plant growth around the stump including fungus based plants.
  • Pests: termites and ants can make themselves a nice home in an old tree stump causing potential house pest infestation control problems.
  • Safety: tree stumps are dangerous things, people can easily trip up and hurt themselves, especially children.
  • Root growth: the tree might look dead but the roots can still grow underground causing severe damage to nearby roads and sidewalks.
  • Hinders landscape plans: tree stumps can spoil the look of any garden, they are big, cumbersome and hard to plan around – don’t mess about, get it shifted today!

Businesses can also make use of our service by calling us today on (412) 397-8844 to arrange a quote and call out so we can assess the tree removal project and cost accordingly.

Sometimes a bucket truck is required depending on the size of the job and this type of tree service work is best carried out by professionals.

If you have a troublesome tree in Pittsburgh or in the surrounding metro areas and want it removed or the stump grinding into the ground ready for clearing then why not use our website quotation form and tell us about your project?

From one tree to a whole row of large trees, no job is too big or small for our trained teams of specialists who are certified and fully licensed to perform tree services in your local area today.

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